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March 12, 2017
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March 12, 2017
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There is healing in massage therapy. It is not just for relaxation. A massage therapist’s hands can be agents for change in soft tissue. This change can reduce and even eliminate pain for clients. Massage is a wonderful thing.

It can be used for relaxation, reduction of stress, relief from a number of medical conditions, and healing of aches and pains.

No, I am not saying it will heal any condition but it can greatly improve pain, allowing you to have a better quality of life.

There is so much pain. There are many medical conditions. People are afraid they cannot experience healing in massage therapy.

Massage, whether table or chair, can make a positive difference in your life, no matter what you are experiencing. Do you need a massage? The answer is most likely “YES!” Do yourself a favor and visit a massage therapist.

  • Are you feeling totally stressed out?

Perhaps you are overwhelmed with feelings of depression or anxiety.

Maybe you are tired of the headaches that seem to plague you, leaving you thinking that your head will explode.

If you are experiencing any of the above, the healing in massage therapy can help you to feel relaxed, less stressed, and much calmer and in control.

See if any of the conditions listed below apply to your current situation.

***Very Important***

If you are having symptoms of a serious illness but you have not seen a physician for diagnosis prior to seeing a massage therapist, please see your physician.

A massage therapist cannot diagnose so it is important that you be seen by your physician prior to visiting a massage therapist. If you have been diagnosed by your physician, please ask the physician if it is okay to receive massage. This will save you a wasted trip to the massage therapist and will ensure that you get the best possible care for your condition.

It is also helpful if you bring a written statement or a prescription for massage therapy to the massage therapist for your own safety and for the massage therapist’s records.

***Thank you.***

  • Is your back in desperate pain from sitting in that uncomfortable chair at work?

Is leaning forward to see your computer screen the cause of the pain in your neck? Schedule an appointment with the massage therapist at work if you are lucky enough to have on site massage or stop by the mall on your way home and get some relief.

Are your shoulders aching because you have had them raised too high all day long to reach your keyboard on that non-ergonomic work desk? The therapist can bring relief and healing in massage therapy for this, too.

  • Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendinitis? How about arthritis?
  • Do you suffer from fibromyalgia?

A massage therapist can make your soft tissues feel better.

Do your hands and forearms ache?

Does sciatica drive you almost to the point of insanity? You need a massage desperately. Let a massage therapist know that you are in pain. Some massage therapists will go directly to your home to perform massage, especially if you can’t drive because of the pain.

What if you suffer from TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction? Yes, you definitely need a face and jaw massage to get some well-deserved relief and healing in massage therapy from that unbearable pain!

Perhaps you have recently had a stroke or a heart attack. Are you allowed to received massage? It really depends on what your physician says in these cases.

  • How about if you have hypertension? Or what if you have diabetes? Can you still get a massage?
  • How about if you have been diagnosed with cancer? Depending on what your physician says, you may be able to get massages to calm and soothe you as you go through treatment.
  • What about that painful problem that we all suffer from occasionally, namely constipation? Can massage help with that? Yes, it can.

Or maybe you just did too much around the house or yard this past weekend and you are experiencing aches and pains in muscles you didn’t know you had.

Remember that there is healing in massage as the soft tissues are manipulated and released.

Massage For HIV/AIDS

Perhaps you have other special needs as a client.

The above is just a sampling of physical problems and reasons why you need a massage. If you see a condition that applies to you, please click on it and read the article to see how a good massage can benefit you. Check back often to read about healing in massage Singapore therapy.

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