Thai massage Singapore

Thai massage Singapore is a regionally specific massage style that was created and perfected in Thailand. This style of massage therapy involves both deep tissue massage practices, as well as full body stretching processes. During a Thai massage in Singapore treatment the client is typically fully dressed and lying on a pad on the floor. There is no oil or lotion used during a Thai massage treatment.

For some Thai massage treatments there are many clients all lying on the floor at the same time in the same room. These clients will all be getting treated at the same time. Since no clothing is removed there isn’t the same level of privacy needed. But there are also many of Thai massage therapists that offer one on one treatments. The client will be helped in a series of positions that are much like many of the well known yoga positions. While holding these forms with their body, the Thai massage practitioner will perform deep, rhythmic pressures in specific areas of the client’s body.

During a City Center Thai massage treatment the therapist will be following the Sen lines on the body. These energy lines are similar to the meridian lines in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The Sen lines take air throughout the body. By pressing on certain areas of these Sen lines, practitioners can adjust and manipulate the healing abilities of the human body. These lines start in the navel, traveling all over the body, finally exiting at one of the orifices. There are ten main Sen lines. These are the lines most commonly adjusted during treatments, but it is reported that there are well over 72,000 Sen lines flowing throughout the body. Most of these can be manipulated with breath.

A Thai practitioner will also use their hands and feet to hold their clients in specific poses and positions and they will also use their feet to perform some of the massage. There is also a series of cracking joints, pulling fingers, toes, and ears; as well as walking on the client’s back during a Thai massage treatment. Most Thai massages last about two hours.

A major part of the Thai massage process is the spiritual awareness of the practitioner. There is a whole series of beliefs that are connected to Buddhism and Thai massage. Practitioners who follow this spirituality believe that they have to get into a deeper level of awareness in order to help their client find healing and relief. Practitioners need to stay in a state of loving kindness during their massage sessions.

Thai Singapore massage is one of the branches of Thai tradition medicine, which is recognized by the Thai government. It is used to treat a wide range of illnesses and maladies. The practice is starting to increase worldwide. There are many practitioners all over the United States and Europe that are offering this massage style.

The founder of this massage system is said to be Shivago Jomarpaj, who is believed to have been the Buddha’s physician close to 3000 years ago. This might be part of the traditions origins, but modern Thai massage has been heavily influenced by Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian medicine systems.