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Reflexology Singapore

Reflexology is a type of foot massage that uses the therapist’s thumb and fingers on reflex areas in the hands and feet to relieve stress, and improve circulation and nerve impulses.

Reflexology is a treatment that relates all organs and the rest of the body to certain spots on the hands and feet. In other words, each part of the hand and foot corresponds to a part of the body and treating that portion of the hand or foot treats the corresponding body part. Reflexologists have everything mapped out on the hands and feet and some even use the ears to treat body parts.

Reflexology is not a tickly foot rub. It is slow, firm, deep pressure that is sometimes painful on the hands and feet. When a tender point is found, the reflexologist does not skip over that spot. The tender point means the corresponding body part or organ may not be working as well as it should. So the therapist gives that area more attention.

This type of footwork positively affects all body parts and is a safe and natural treatment. Practitioners claim that they can feel something unusual in the feet that lets them know that something is wrong with the corresponding body part. They cannot diagnose but refer the client to a medical doctor.

About 10 years ago, a massage therapist who was also a reflexologist was telling me that one time he was giving a foot treatment to a female client. He felt something in her foot and told the woman that she needed to see a medical doctor about her breast. She went to her doctor and he found a breast lump. At the time, I did not believe this man but now, after a lot of research, I do believe his claim.

The techniques used are finger and thumb walking and alternating pressure on the feet and hands. There are also tools available for the reflexologist to use.

If a client has a foot or nail fungus, the reflexologist may choose not to work on the client until the fungus is cleared up. The toenails can be avoided during treatment if they have a fungus. The reflexologist can also work through a pair of socks so he/she does not get the fungus on his/her own hands.

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