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Swedish massage Singapore requires some sort of massage lubricant applied to the client’s skin so the massage therapist’s hands glide over the client’s skin easily. Lubricants are also known as massage media. Their function is to reduce the friction between the therapist’s hands and the client’s skin.

If the massage therapist does not use enough lubricant, the client will feel as though his or her skin is burning. If too much is used, the therapist cannot get a good grip on the soft tissue and, therefore, cannot perform his or her job correctly.The amount of massage therapy lubricant used depends on several things: how softening it is in nature, how dry the client’s skin is, how much body hair the client has, and the type of massage being performed.

There are several types of massage therapy lubricants. Oil, cream and lotion are popular choices and are used most often. Powder, cocoa butter, and liniment may be used, too. My favorite to use is hypoallergenic massage lotion.

Hopefully, this information will help to answer any questions you have on Swedish massage.

If you are going to perform Swedish massage, you will need to use one of several massage therapy lubricants, such as oil, lotion, cream, or powder made for massages. These can be bought at any massage therapy store or warehouse or online at a massage therapy supply web site.

Massage lubricant reduces the friction between the massage Singapore therapist’s hands and the client’s skin so the hands easily glide over the skin. If there is no massage lubricant or not enough, the client will feel pain. His or her skin will feel like it is burning. If too much massage lubricant is used, the massage therapist will not be able to get a good grip on the muscle and soft tissue and the massage will not be effective.

Realize that some people are allergic to lubricants and require hypoallergenic ones. When a client comes in, let him or her know that you need to test your massage cream on his or her arm to see if there is an allergic reaction. Put a tiny bit of the massage lubricant on his or her arm while you fill go over the client intake sheet. If there is no allergic reaction within a few minutes, it should be safe. Or you can solve the whole issue by only buying hypoallergenic massage media like I do. I buy this wonderful hypoallergenic massage cream online and it works very well. So far, I have never had a client who is allergic to it.

Some massage therapists use vegetable oil or olive oil as a lubricant during massage because it is cheaper. This will definitely make your client feel and smell like a salad. If anyone did that to me, I would definitely not return to them. Personally, I have smelled people who are coated in Crisco and they smell like dinner right before you cook it. This is not a pleasant smell for a human being to have.

Avoid using anything with skin-drying rubbing alcohol or mineral oil. They are not good for the skin and can clog pores. Mineral oil is a cancer-causing agent that is definitely not good for the client.

To prevent contamination to your large container of massage therapy lubricant, take out enough for one client with a clean spatula. I put my cream into small plastic salad dressing containers like you get with take-out salad. I buy them inexpensively at Sam’s and place the lid on until the client is ready for the massage. Then, just toss any leftover cream or lotion.

Never mix it back in your large container of massage media. You do not want to contaminate the large container. Do not spread germs. During the massage, place the container on the table or in your scrub pocket for easy access.

If you are using massage oil, pour just enough into a small clean bottle for your pocket or put it in a bottle that will fit into a holster around your waist and pump it out. Never apply massage therapy lubricants directly to the client’s skin. Always apply it to your clean hands and rub them together to warm the massage lubricant so it will be pleasing to the client’s skin.

Massage oil is the most common and most widely-used lubricant in Swedish massage. The type made from nuts and seeds are best since they have the most nutritional value for the skin.

Massage oil stains linens and once they are stained, you cannot use them anymore. I have had this happen and no matter what you do to your laundry, the oil stains do not come out. If you still use the sheets, the clients will think they are not clean. If you choose to use massage oil, let the client know ahead of time so he or she can wear old clothes and not take the chance of staining his or her nice clothes. Remember, the client should come first.

Some of the massage oils smell really great.

Do not use mineral oil as it is a cancer-causing agent.

Do not put any massage lubricant on a client’s face because you will mess up his or her makeup or look, especially if he or she has to go back to work.

I prefer cream because it lasts longer than lotion and is not greasy-feeling like massage oil. The client will not leave feeling like a greasy salad, but will feel like he or she has been moisturized. Cream has such a smooth feel to it. It is more softening to the skin than lotion. It is not greasy like oil. It is less messy and there are less stains. It lasts longer on the client’s skin than lotion and almost as long as massage oil. It does cost a little more, but I don’t mind pleasing my clients.

If you take good care of your clients, they will take good care of you. They will return to you often and bring you business by telling their friends, relatives and co-workers about your good service. Be smart and invest in your business by spending a few extra dollars.

Baby powder or cocoa butter can also be used in some cases. I have never used either in massage but my massage instructor went over them in class.

Liniment can be used as a massage lubricant, primarily if the client is in pain. It contains alcohol and oil which creates a sense of heat on the skin. Make sure that you do not use liniment on the client’s hands or near the mucous membranes. Liniment works by irritating the skin and then it dilates blood vessels so there is more blood supplied to the skin surface. They produce an analgesic feeling for the client, relieving muscle pain.

You can buy liniment in larger quantities from massage stores online if you do a lot of sports massage in your practice. The icy feel mixed with a sensation of heat will feel really good on muscles that are in pain due to sports injuries. You should be certified in sports massage before trying to handle sports-related injuries.

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