Guide To Massage

This is the hyped article series your friends have told you about. It is everything they have said and more. What you learn here will not only teach you the how-to of massage, but will aid you in making massage a regular part of your relationship. Making the time for it is sometimes hard, as is persuading your partner to learn the little you need to learn to get started. I will help you through this wonderful transformative process.

There are no words I can use here to describe how positive of change your relationship can go through if you begin to massage each other regularly. (Well actually, I have made a few attempts, *here, and *here.)

There is a lot to learn, but this is where you start.

How to use this article series:

Before we begin, I want to explain how this is designed for you to learn. I have included 15 different techniques to show you, all for use while watching TV with your partner. Doing it while watching TV is a great way to start the habit of massaging each other. Sometimes I explain what doesn’t work(thus saving you valuable time learning this), and sometimes I explain things you wouldn’t have thought to do, thus teaching you things you wouldn’t have come up with through your own experimentation. Ideally, read the articles, go do massage, and then come back to read them again.

Digest this however you want.

While the techniques do not necessarily need to be read in sequence - They are designed that way. But if you want to take a shortcut to the end, and lets say learn the scalp massage routine for tonight, feel free to do so. The footage here is from my DVD, but don’t worry: You are not a dollar sign to me - I want to improve your life.

So, digest the material any way you like, be it through reading it with your partner, reading it separate from each other, or by reading it alone with the intent of showing your partner later on - as you take turns massaging each other in front of the TV. The latter is probably the most common way. It’s not completely common to both be excited about the idea of doing massage nightly, and sometimes you have to turn your partner on to it. While a few couples set out to learn about massage, some simply stumble across this website. *Here are some arguments for the value you are creating in your relationship if you begin massaging each other.

Personally, I recommend you read the first two, or the first five techniques, and come back to the website later. Reread the articles. Take in the information in little chunks, and create small victories of massaging each other over the course of the next few weeks. One day, you will have times set aside to do great work for each other. And if you need to know, *this is why I am a good instructor of massage.

Don’t just read - massage your partner tonight!

And last, before you get started - doing massage in front of the TV is the easiest way of creating the habit of massaging each other. This is why. When massaging, it is important that you are elevated above your partner, so that you are not keeping your own shoulders tight while performing the massage. So after doing some learning, turn on the TV, and take turns sitting on the floor in front of each other.

Before you start - avoid the common pitfalls of all beginners

Next lesson : Using your thumbs and four fingers as a unit.

Introduction to the Singapore City Center massage series:

  • Technique # 1: Using your Thumbs and four fingers as a unit.
  • Technique # 2: Heel of hands and four fingers as a unit.
  • Technique # 3: Four fingers pushing downward.
  • Technique # 4: Using your knuckles.
  • Technique # 5: Using bony parts of your hand.

Introduction to the intermediate techniques.

  • Technique # 6: One hand on front of body.
  • Technique # 7: The thumbs-stretch technique.
  • Technique # 8: Leveraging your body.
  • Technique # 9: Both hands on one side of body.
  • Technique # 10: The cocktail party trick.

Introduction to the advanced techniques.

  • Technique # 11: Leveraging your body.
  • Technique # 12: Massaging the neck. Mmmm…
  • Technique # 13: Aligning the body of the recipient.
  • Technique # 14: The Navarronian death grip.
  • Technique # 15: Scalp Massage.