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March 10, 2017
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Best Massage Magazines

Every time they come out during the year, I get three massage magazines that help me keep up with the latest news and trends in my profession. They are each published at different times throughout the year and are always available at Barnes and Noble when they come out. They are also available at other stores, but normally you cannot find them at Wal-Mart or at super markets. A subscription to these magazines would be a lot cheaper than buying them at the store.

The three main magazines are Massage Therapy Journal (MTJ), Massage And Bodywork (M&B), and Massage Magazine (MM). These publications provide excellent news in the massage therapy world and have top quality articles. I highly recommend that you read them from cover to cover.MTJ is published quarterly by the American Massage Therapy Association and currently costs $6.50 an issue at bookstores or $25 a year for a subscription. I always buy mine at Barnes and Noble. MTJ is not carried by the discount stores in my area and I have not found it in grocery stores.

Massage Therapy Journal provides an article for Continuing Education Unit credit in each issue. After you read the article, you can go online, pay a fee, and take a test for CEU credit, if online CEU credits are allowed in your state. This is not allowed as a CEU credit in Texas where I live, but the articles are well-written and deliver great content.

Massage & Bodywork is published bimonthly by Associated Bodywork And Massage Professionals, Inc. Purchase price in stores is currently $5.95. The annual subscription rate is $26.

The articles in Massage & Bodywork are educational and top notch. This publication includes information for and about all bodyworkers, not just massage therapists.

Massage Magazine is published nine times a year by MM, Inc. The cover price per issue is $6.95 and a one year subscription is $22.95. It has a lot of great articles on medical issues and the latest news in the world of massage therapy.

All three of the above-mentioned magazines have articles about what is new in the world of massage therapy and bodywork. They also tell massage therapists how to set up their practices, how to get more clients, and how to take care of themselves physically and financially. There are many great tips and you do not feel like you are alone in the world when you read articles written by other massage therapists across the United States.

There are other massage therapy magazines and publications, both online and in print, but these are the ones that I do not miss. Pick them up today to keep current on the latest news in your field.

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